Marina Tire & Automotive Service offers auto repair services in Marina Del Rey. Whether you need an oil change or other car service, we’ll meet your needs.

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Marina Del Rey Car Service

Engine Repair & Auto Diagnostics: If you are looking for state-of-the-art auto diagnostic services, come to Marina Tire & Automotive Service in Marina Del Rey. Our auto repair mechanics can resolve whatever engine or electrical system problem your car may be having.

Brakes: Marina Tire services car brakes on any car make and model. Car brake pads and brake shoes should be examined to ensure the driver’s safety.

Transmissions: Manual and automatic transmissions may vary, but our auto repair mechanics can work on any type of transmission. Whether you need us to replace a clutch or rebuild transmissions, our car service mechanics can meet your needs.

Radiators: Marina Tire & Automotive Service can keep your radiator in top working condition. Our auto repair mechanics can provide anything from radiator repair to a radiator flush in Marina Del Rey.

Tires: You need proper tires to drive safely. If your tires are bald or flat, you could get into an accident. Marina Tire & Auto Service provides many different types of tires.

Oil Change: Marina Tire & Automotive Service provides Marina Del Rey residents with oil change services. Oil changes are of utmost importance to keep your engine running smoothly. Bring your car to Marina Tire for an oil change and we will provide a free tire rotation for your convenience.

Muffler Shop: If you have a noisy dangling muffler, it is time to come to Marina Tire & Automotive Service. Our auto repair technicians can perform muffler repair on your vehicle or provide you with a new muffler.

We provide the Marina Del Rey area with a variety of auto repair services. Whether you need new suspensions or your power steering aligned, our car service mechanics will meet your needs. Contact Marina Tire & Automotive Service at (310) 306-7953 today!