If you’ve been hearing a few unusual engine noises lately, or your vehicle has been experiencing difficulties when shifting gears, then you may need a transmission repair.

Transmission Fluid Flush: No matter what type of vehicle you drive, preventative maintenance is an important part of caring for your transmission system. Periodic transmission fluid changes are an easy way to prevent more costly problems, such as a transmission rebuild. Old transmission fluid can become dirty over time, causing damage to your transmission components. Our BG power flushing system removes your old, dirty transmission fluid, and we then replace it with new, clean fluid (and a new filter) – just what your transmission needs for optimum performance.

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Transmission Repairs and Rebuilds: When customers bring in their vehicles to us for a transmission repair, they know it will be done right. All of our work is warranted, no matter what type of transmission work is necessary. Your vehicle is designed to shift effortlessly from gear to gear, so smoothly that you don’t need to give it a second thought – except for being glad you brought it to Marina Tire & Automotive Service.

Servicing All Makes and Models

Whether you have a car, truck, 4-wheel drive SUV or a high performance vehicle, Marina Tire & Automotive Service knows their transmissions. Old or new, foreign or domestic – we do it all. Our certified technicians are experts in all types of automatic, manual and 4WD transmission repairs and are well versed in the different components of each system.

Questions about our transmission repair services? Contact us today at (310) 306-7953 to speak with one of our associates or to make an appointment at our automotive service center.

You can count on us for great service on other automotive repairs and services such as those in our tire shop and muffler shop, and those including engine repair, brake repair, electrical repairs and oil changes.

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