At Marina Tire & Automotive Service, we are dedicated to provide reliable auto repair services in Culver City, California, and beyond. Our auto repair services include rotating tires, engine repairs, muffler replacement, oil change service, and much more. If you need car repairs in Culver City or the surrounding area, contact Marina Tire & Automotive Service by calling (310) 306-7953 today.

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Car Service Culver City

Culver City Muffler Repair: Mufflers can be noisy. Don’t let your muffler annoy you for long. A noisy muffler may lead to bigger problems. Bring your car to Marina Tire & Automotive Service for muffler repairs or a new muffler.

Transmission Repair Service: Marina Tire offers transmission repairs, transmission fluid changes, clutch replacements, and other transmission services. No matter your transmission type, our car repair mechanics will meet your needs.

Engine Repair & Auto Diagnostics: Marina Tire & Automotive Service uses expert technology to accurately diagnose vehicle issues. Our equipment allows our experienced car service technicians to find the cause of your automobile problem and efficiently find a solution.

Culver City Oil Change: Marina Tire & Automotive Service has expert mechanics to provide you with professional oil change services. While performing an oil change, our mechanics will also check for other car problems. We will also provide a free tire rotation for our customer’s convenience.

Brake Repairs: Our car repair mechanics provide brake services. Brakes are your car’s most important safety mechanism. Let our technicians check your brakes and ensure your safety today!

Culver City Tires: Need new tires in Culver City? Our expert technicians offer replacement tires as one of our many car services. With a variety of tires to choose from at our shop, you will surely find the tires you desire.

Radiator Repair Service: A car’s cooling system is complicated. If you are having radiator issues, bring your car into Marina Tire & Automotive Service. Our expert car repair technicians can perform a radiator flush, radiator repair, or other radiator repair service.

Marina Tire & Automotive Service provides a variety of auto repair service in Culver City, Santa Monica, Los Angeles, Marina Del Rey, and beyond. Whether you need axle repairs or catalytic converters, our expert technicians will meet your needs. Contact us at (310) 306-7953 today!