We’ve all driven behind the unlucky driver on the highway – you know, the one with the dragging, sparking muffler lighting up the night. And then there’s the telltale sound… the rumbling, growling assault on the senses that makes us think “he really should get a muffler repair.” Mufflers may not be sexy, but their purpose is obvious. Even with all the modern advances in automotive technology, your vehicle is still a loud, raging machine, and a good, working muffler is what tames it.

Your Complete Muffler Shop

If you’re the unlucky one with the loud or hanging muffler, then your luck has just improved! The certified technicians at our auto shop are qualified to handle anything going on with your exhaust system, from muffler repairs and new mufflers to fixing or replacing catalytic converters and exhaust pipes. And it doesn’t cost as much as you think.

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Exhaust System: Holes in your exhaust system are not only annoying, but they can be deadly as well. The primary function of your exhaust system is to funnel toxic fumes away from the vehicle’s passenger area. If that system is compromised, those same toxic fumes (including carbon monoxide) can find their way inside the vehicle through the vents, sometimes causing immediate harm to you and your loved ones.

The good news is that problems with the exhaust system are easily fixed. While an exhaust pipe replacement is sometimes necessary, the pipe can often be patched instead. If you suspect a problem, don’t delay – contact us for an appointment, and put your mind at ease.

Catalytic Converters: This component is another important link in reducing the harmful byproducts produced by your engine. Signs of a plugged catalytic converter include an emissions test failure, a sulfur smell or even a drop in fuel efficiency.

Typically, a muffler repair or new muffler installation takes about an hour. For more information on our muffler shop and muffler repair services or to make an appointment at our auto repair shop, contact us at Marina Tire & Automotive Service at (310) 306-7953.

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