You’re driving home from work in rush hour traffic, and notice that your engine’s temperature gauge is going up. You cautiously continue on, but then the symptoms progress, as you begin to see steam coming out from under your hood. This is usually a good indication that you are in need of a radiator repair. Marina Tire & Automotive Service has the equipment and the expertise to perform all kinds of radiator repairs and radiator flush services. We carefully inspect every component of your vehicle’s cooling system – from the radiator, fan and water pump to the hoses, connections and fluid levels. Any leak, any hole, any problem – we’ll find it and we’ll fix it at our auto repair shop. It’s that simple.

Radiator Flush (Coolant Flush)

Preventative maintenance on your car’s engine cooling system is just as important as regular oil changes. You can potentially avoid expensive radiator repairs by periodically bringing your vehicle in for a radiator flush. Like many of your vehicle’s other fluids, coolant eventually becomes gritty and dirty, which can damage your radiator if not flushed out and replaced. We use the BG power flushing system to clean out old radiator fluid, and then refill it with fresh coolant.

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Radiator Services – All Makes and Models: Marina Tire & Automotive Service is experienced in all types of vehicles and cooling systems. From cars and trucks to SUVs and high performance vehicles, we offer car service on everything foreign or domestic. Questions about our radiator flush or radiator repair services? Call Marina Tire & Automotive Service today at (310) 306-7953 to talk with one of our team members or to make an appointment at our West LA auto center. You can count on us for great work on other automotive repairs and services such as tire sales and service in our tire shop, transmission fluid change and repair, engine repair, muffler repair, oil change services, brake repair and replacement, and much more. We’re your neighborhood automotive repair shop, and serve the areas of Santa Monica, Playa Del Rey, Malibu, Culver City, Marina Del Rey, West LA, Venice, Brentwood, Pacific Palisades and the surrounding CA areas.