Marina Tire & Automotive Service provides car service to residents of Marina Del Rey, Culver City, and Santa Monica, California. It is a great convenience to own a car, except when you’re having car problems. Whether you need engine repairs or need your tires rotated, Marina Tire & Auto Service will provide the car service you need. Marina Tire & Automotive Service has expert Santa Monica car service technicians available to access your car problems. If you’ve been hearing a weird noises from your engine, our car service experts can determine the remedy to your car problem. We use technologically advanced diagnostic equipment to diagnose any possible problem with your car. Whether you need a simple transmission repair or a more extreme engine repair, our technicians will provide the car repair expertise you need.

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As car service experts, we understand that regular car maintenance is an important part of maintaining your car’s value and preventing major car problems. Service your car in Santa Monica, and the surrounding communities, with Marina Tire & Automotive Service to keep your car in its best condition. Our technicians can provide an oil change or replacement tires. An oil change will maintain your engine’s condition. Our service mechanics will even provide a free tire rotation with an oil change to keep you safe on the road. In addition to a free tire rotation, we offer a variety of car service discounts to help people on a lower budget.
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Marina Tire & Automotive Service provides quality, affordable car services with the customer in mind. Because we are customer oriented, we provide convenient hours and a free shuttle service to residents within a five mile radius of our car service. We also provide free WIFI in our waiting room for your convenience. We value your business and customer loyalty! Contact Marina Tire & Automotive Service for all your car service needs in Culver City, Santa Monica, and Marina Del Rey. Our car service experts can remedy any car problem from flat tires to your engine’s electrical system malfunctions.