At Marina Tire & Automotive Service, we provide a variety of car repair services. Whether you need a major auto repair performed or just a regularly scheduled maintenance check, we will meet your car service needs in Santa Monica, and the surrounding areas! Contact us today at (310) 306-7953 to learn what the Marina Tire difference can mean for you and your car.

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Car Service Santa Monica

Santa Monica’s Go-To Muffler Shop

Marina Tire & Automotive Service provides new muffler installation and muffler repairs.

Transmission Repair

We offer a variety of transmission repairs in Santa Monica. Whether you need a transmission fluid change or clutch replacements, Marina Tire will meet your needs.

Radiator Repair Services

Nothing is worse than seeing steam appear from under your car’s hood. Marina Tire & Automotive Service can decipher if you need a radiator flush, radiator repair, or other radiator repair service.

Oil Change

An oil change is a normal part of car maintenance. You should have your oil changed every three months or 3,000 miles to optimally maintain your vehicle.  Bring your car in for an oil change and our mechanics will even provide a free tire rotation!

Brake Repair Service

Marina Tire & Automotive Service provides brake services on antique classic cars to brand new trucks. Have your brakes inspected to ensure optimal car safety.


Whether you have a flat tire or your tires are bald, Marina Tire & Automotive Service can replace them with new tires in Santa Monica and beyond. We offer a variety of tire brands and can recommend what tires would work best for you.

Auto Diagnostics & Engine Repair

Marina Tire & Automotive Service offers a variety of auto diagnostic services in Santa Monica. Our professional auto repair mechanics can find your engine problem and create a solution.

You can count on Marina Tire & Automotive Service for all of your needs when it comes to auto repair in Santa Monica, California, and the surrounding areas including Culver City, Los Angeles, Marina Del Rey, and beyond. Contact us at (310) 306-7953!